ANDRE VON SCHOENEBECK was born in Graz, Austria. He was born with aviation in his genes and was always destined to fly. His father was a fighter Pilot in World War I in the famous Baron von Richthofen squadron. Baron Carl August von Schoenebeck was the longest surving member of the Red Baron Squadron, he passed away in 1989. Andre having an interest in anything that flies studied Aeronautical Engineering in Munich, Germany.

Andre reached his pinnacle in the competitive field of large-scale radio controlled gliders. In that rarefied atmosphere of precision, tolerance is measured in microns and mass in grams. He manufactured 13 different model designs, which were known all over the world. He is famous for his patented unique method of vacuum mould construction. Having been successful with the gliders the next step came naturally, the Bateleur.

The Bateleur is a new generation of Light Aircraft with design characteristics for beyond the Millennium. The aircrafts concept is the same as used on most modern combat aircraft. Its structure and design puts it at the forefront of this rapidly developing field of aviation.

About Flying

Do you want to fly for fun?

Are you a businessman who finds that half of your productive time is spent either in an airport lounge or in your car?

Do you live on a farm or in a remote area and to get anywhere entails a major journey by road

Do you own property or areas, which you have to patrol and inspect?

If any of the above is true, then DO NOT miss the opportunity of getting yourself a Bateleur.